DiDi is Chinese leading mobility provider, offering a grand variety of mobility services ranging from bikes to buses. With the development of automation, electrification, and ride-hailing, DiDi wanted to explorer its potential future. Set in 2030 we developed an envisioned an scenario where DiDi could potentially work with one of the world largest events offering mobility while strengthening and entering the South American market.

As part of DiDi’s original design brief, our task was to envision its future in 2030. Based on this date and by investigating the companies future short term plans, we saw a unique opportunity emerged.

DiDi has recently acquired Brazilian company 99, a taxi provider, and at the start of 2018 began operation in Mexico City, along with other partnerships; it became evident that South America is a market that is of particular interest for DiDi.

We also uncovered that in 2030 is no ordinary for Football fans; it makes the 100th anniversary of the World Cup, which was originally played In Monte Video, Uruguay. Due to this, there is a current bid between Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay to host the 2030 world cup.

Assuming that the bid is won, we saw an interesting opportunity for DiDi being part of the FIFA World Cup 2030 in South America. With clear intention in this market and partnering with not only FIFA but also with the local government to offer mobility service that after the event could transition into public use & private use.

DiDi Event is a solution that the company can develop to offer cities that are hosting large events such as the World Cup or Olympics. Besides offering autonomous vehicles, DiDi can offer integration with its own mobility platform, as well as with the cities and events offering a one-stop solution for a mobility solution.

From a user standpoint, they would only need to download one app, that could help them navigate the events and explore the City. Thanks to integration with multiple services the end user would have not only have access to specific event vehicles, but also public transportation and other services.

Through our research, we understood that world-renowned event such as these is used by the cities to justify large expenses, such as new infrastructure and vehicles. DiDi Event would also offer a way to transition vehicle from the event to public service or integrate them to private ride hailing.


DiDi Event 


Vehicle Design

The exterior of the vehicle was inspired by architectural and stadium design grabbing the Amazonas Stadium in Manaus Brazil as a reference. The exterior of the vehicle is meant to invoke the notion of moving stadium in Buenos Aires a city that has a rich history on football and that is no stranger to World Cup history.

Football is the worlds most popular sport, it draws great crowds and brings people together to rally behind teams and idols. Stadiums offer a unique experience for football fans, feeling the energy in the air, being able to have a true understanding of the game; yet one of the things every fan wants to do is actually play the game.

Based on this concept, and utilizing the layout of the vehicles, we developed an interior that complemented the stadium theme of the exterior design. Thanks to the spacious room in the middle of the vehicle we envision occupants, football fans, to be able to play a friendly pick up match while they are going trades and event of from an event.


Interior Design